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Businesses that have heavy foot traffic from customers, employees, and others often have a need for floor stripping and floor waxing services. In addition to providing that polished and clean appearance, floors that are stripped and waxed regularly will stand up better to abuse and last longer. If you own or manage a company in or around Milpitas, CA, then Empire Building Maintenance, Inc. offers professional floor stripping and waxing services.

At Empire Building Maintenance, Inc., we have provided a range of professional commercial cleaning services for over 20 years, including handling all your floor waxing and stripping needs. When your floor begins to look old, dirty, or scuffed, or needs stripping and waxing services, then make Empire Building Maintenance, Inc. your first stop.

Floor Stripping

The Practical and Aesthetic Benefits of Floor Stripping and Waxing

Companies in many industries rely on their image as part of their business plan and their success. That includes professional offices, service industries like restaurants and medical establishments, among others. In many cases, when companies need to present a clean and polished appearance, a dirty or poorly maintained floor can leave the wrong impression on customers, associates and suppliers, and others who visit your company. That makes commercial interior cleaning done by a professional key!

Floor Waxing

Floor Longevity

In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, professional floor waxing and stripping services will also add to the longevity of your floor. Carpet cleaning, waxing and stripping services provide a layer of protection to help prevent your floors from becoming damaged by daily activities, wear, and the elements.

Our team at Empire Building Maintenance, Inc. provides companies of all sizes with the option for professional stripping and waxing services in and around the Milpitas area. With our safe and effective floor care services, business owners can rely on us to safely and properly care for their floor maintenance concerns.

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Thank you for visiting Empire Building Maintenance, Inc. If you manage or own a business and have tile, wooden, or other types of flooring in need of stripping and floor waxing services, then contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule your next floor stripping and waxing service today at Empire Building Maintenance, Inc.

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