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Cleaning is one thing, but a professional decontamination service is another level of protection from sickness and other threats, like COVID-19. The good news is, for companies in and around Milpitas, CA, and with the professional interior decontamination services of Empire Building Maintenance, Inc., we offer cutting-edge decontamination as part of our commercial cleaning services to help fight viruses, sickness, and other threats.

An example of those leading efforts to thwart the threat of COVID-19 is our use of “N” listed products that are non-toxic and hydrogen peroxide-based agents approved by the EPA. These agents are employed by people like emergency responders and governmental agencies, among others.


For Professional Decontamination Services

A major reason so many businesses seek the help of professional decontamination services is two-fold. One reason is a matter of preservation and protecting the people you rely on to help you succeed; your employees.

The other major reason companies use professional decontamination services alongside more routine cleaning services like floor stripping or window washing is a matter of public responsibility and decency. As a business, and in particular, a business that sees high traffic and that has a high volume of public interaction (e.g. deliveries, shipments, suppliers, etc.), the potential for widespread outbreaks is considerably greater.

Companies of all sizes that fall into these categories have a responsibility to the public, in addition to the decency it affords customers. At Empire Building Maintenance, Inc., we help companies ensure that they are taking every precaution to act and do business responsibly.


Clean, Protect, and Decontaminate

When you need professional commercial interior cleaning in the Milpitas, CA area, we invite you to let our professional and friendly technicians at Empire Building Maintenance, Inc. help.

From years of experience in the industry to a proven commitment to improving cleaning and decontamination services, you can rely on Empire Building Maintenance, Inc.

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